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Difficult to Express Proteins Difficult to Express Proteins
May 5-6, 2014 | Boston, MA
Membrane proteins, ion channels, toxic or insoluble proteins, low abundance protein complexes, vaccines and other “finicky” proteins often are the best choices for therapeutics, yet their successful expression is a minefield of failures and challenges.

Characterization of Biotherapeutics Characterization of Biotherapeutics
May 5-6, 2014 | Boston, MA
Many recent pharmaceutical advances are based on detailed knowledge and characterization of the underlying proteins involved.

Life Science Media Library
Accelerated Stability Testing of Biologics Accelerated Stability Testing of Biologics
August 20, 2013 |
This digital course will aim to guide the researcher in designing studies for accelerated stability testing of biologics. The course will begin with basic underlying concepts governing protein drug product stability, and focus on design principles for meaning stress and accelerated stability testing of not only the protein of interest but also of excipients and primary packaging components. Strategies to handle complexities arising from their interactions will also be discussed.
Strategies for Protein Purification and Overcoming Aggregation Strategies for Protein Purification and Overcoming Aggregation
January 20, 2013 |
Together with input from Sarah Bondos from Texas A&M University, Mario Lebendiker of the Wolfson Centre for Applied Structural Biology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides an indepth overview of protein purification with a particular focus on aggregation problems. This course reviews: common causes of protein aggregation during expression and purification, methods to detect the presence of aggregates, the types and properties of chemicals that, when added to buffers, may improve protein solubility, and methods to screen these additives to rapidly optimize the solubility of your protein.
Protein Expression in Non-Mammalian Host Systems-e. Coli & Yeast Protein Expression in Non-Mammalian Host Systems-e. Coli & Yeast
August 20, 2012 |
This course provides both an overview of non-mammalian expression systems, as well as an in-depth exploration of both Escherichia coli and different strains of yeast as expression platforms. Both Instructors, Dom Esposito of SAIC-Frederick/NIH and Piotr Bobrowicz of Adimab, possess many years of experience with their specific expression host. They share their insights and extensive knowledge to help those in the lab achieve optimized expression. This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn about using E.coli as an expression system, and for researchers wishing to build and expand their mastery.

Publications, Reports, & Whitepapers
Vaccines: The End of Illness
This report analyzes recent trends in medicinal chemistry and evaluates their significance for advancing R&D productivity. We consider technological modalities and market dynamics, with an emphasis on outsourcing and user views on the implications of current practices.
The New Generation of Antibody Therapeutics
The New Generation of Antibody Therapeutics: Current Status and Future Prospects, published by Insight Pharma Reports.
Engineering Next-Generation Therapeutic Proteins
By 2020, the current renaissance of biotechnology will have resulted in a broad range of products that will, almost without exception, involve a degree of protein engineering. This report discusses new developments in therapeutic protein engineering and developments that are likely to occur through 2020.